Weigh Filling Machine

Swifty Bagger – Weigh Filling Machine

When it comes to weigh filling solutions, CombiScale is not only the manufacturer of the first ever open frame weigh filler machine but we also have a family of automatic weigh filling machines. Both product lines of weigh filling machine come from the Primo line.

  1. PrimoCombi 360 Multi-head Weigh Filling Machine

Designed to provide a user-friendly, data reporting, tidy, and uncluttered weigh filling machine, the PrimoCombi weigh filler is made powerful with its leading-edge software and mechanical attributes, which has set the bar in the packaging industry. To provide sanitation advantages, our weigh filling machine has a secured place for its electronics to avoid water penetration over the electronics during sanitation. Its standard features include the single discharge chutes and single post hopper assembly for faster adjustments of product inflow. The hopper can even rotate out of the way so that it won’t disrupt the changeover and sanitation.

  1. PrimoLinear brand of Automatic Weigh Filling solutions
  • V-Mini Weigh Filling Machine is a vibratory automatic scale that is designed to move free-flowing products with the use of vibration. With each vibratory pan mounted to an independent vibrator, operators can easily take control over the weigh filler. The V-mini includes a stainless steel control panel, IP-65 digital camera, and a barcode scanner. If you want more, then you simply have to ask. Its standard mechanical features include a pneumatic gate for increased accuracy, open frame design for a lesser wash-down time, tool-less disassembly and removable hopper for easy cleaning, and a floor frame design for easy integration.

Weight Range – 1 gram to 200 grams subject to product density


  • V5 Weigh Filling Machine is a liner weigher that features a modular design to give owners the choice to use a single scale at first and add more lanes later on. With a tiltable hopper eliminates changeover when operating several applications, tool-less removable parts and standardized components that lower maintenance costs, this weigh filling machine is built to save time. Its standard mechanical features include a modular design in relation to the number of lanes, spring-mounted vibrators for quicker and more precise product flow, and a quick access drawer to allow the quickest servicing there is.

Bucket Volume – 5 quarts (5 L)

  • V-25 Bulk Weigh Filling Machine is another model of vibratory automatic scale that is also designed to transfer free-flowing products by vibrating them. It also has vibratory pans that are individually mounted to vibrators to gain operator control over the machine. The V-25 has a modular design and independent floor frame for smooth integration with auxiliary machines. This weigh filing machine includes a stainless steel control panel, IP-65 digital camera, and a barcode scanner.

Weight Range – 2 lbs. to 50 lbs. subject to product density


  • Conveyorized Weigh Filling Machine is engineered for weighing and filling damp, sticky, wet and other difficult to move products and even those delicate ones, all of which require gentle handling that most weigh filler machines do not offer. The PrimoLinear C series weigh filling machines are equipped with conveyor belts to carry the product to the weighing station. They are usually used to weigh and fill seafood, shredded cheese, fresh cut fruits/vegetables, and fresh meat.
  • C-10 Weigh Filler

Bucket Volume – 10 quarts (10 L)


  • C-25 Weigh Filler

Bucket Volume – 25 quarts (25 L)