PrimoCombi is a brand of weigh filler machine created with the purpose of introducing to the market the first combination scale that features an open frame design.

Commonly used for automatic weighing, dispensing and filling of various products such as granola, almonds, candy, apples, pasta, chocolate chips, broccoli, pretzels and many more, this combination scale is engineered for high accuracy and speed. Many companies today are struggling for success and automation has become the center of it when it comes to weigh filling processes. Businesses nowadays are looking into automation in an effort to achieve effectiveness, accuracy and increased profits.

The PrimoCombi can measure as low as 1/100th of a gram, thus, reducing the likelihood or better yet, completely eradicating the chances or over or under packaging. It comes equipped with an adjustable conveyor to allow smooth packaging of different size of containers, cartons, jars, or jugs. In addition, this weigh filler makes use of two operators considering its high-performance rate. As a result, it offers increased production rates all the while without compromising the accuracy of its performance.

Easily integrated with any business software, our weigh filling machine m1kes it possible for businesses to accumulate various data points in order to further enhance the effectiveness. It has a large color touchscreen and uses the Windows XP platform and other programs like Crystal Reports (for things like event logging and production archiving) and Skype. Furthermore, you can now take a look at performance reports which include production data, labor efficiency, and production analytics thanks to its sophisticated 360 Operating Software.

The PrimoCombi multi-head weigh filler introduces four different head configurations, each of which has a different mechanical rating. For entry-level and small production rates, we have the 10H that is capable of 75 cycles per minute or the 14H perfect for rates of up to 100 cycles per minute. Then we also have the 16H that is great for medium production needs of up to 140 cycles per minute. Lastly, the highest head configuration for the PrimoCombi is 24H that reaches up to 200 cycles (or more) in one whole minute.

Depending on the model of our weigh filler system, its weight range can vary and are subject to volume change. These models are as follows:

  1. 5 L multi-head weigher – for 1 gram to 200 grams
  2. 5 L multi-head weigher – for 5 grams to 10 pounds
  3. 0 L multi-head weigher – for 200 grams to 25 pounds

Its tool-less features offer various benefits including a tool-less rotating center hopper for product convenient changeover and cleaning, tool-less disconnect buckets, product chutes, and vibratory pans to allow easy and quick cleaning and tool-less discharge chutes to prevent product spiraling and promote an increase in production rates.