For our snack food packaging, we have a wide selection of packaging machines specifically designed to wrap, bag, and weigh fill your snack products. Focusing on our weigh filling solutions, we have engineered the PrimoCombi Multi-Head Weigher and snack food weigher, which we acquired from our CombiScale acquisition back in 2010.

Designed for weighing and filling snack foods including nuts and pretzels into jars or plastic containers, our PrimoCombi Multi-Head weighing machine can match all your snack food packaging requirements. Multi-head in a sense that it uses multiple heads to achieve the right combination. This bucket heads come in four different configurations: 10H (75 cycles per minute), 14H (100 cycles per minute), 16H (140 cycles per minute) and 24H (200+ cycles per minute).

The PrimoCombi snack food weigher is available in three models;

  1. 5 L with a weight range of ¼ oz. to 7 oz
  2. 5 L with a weight range of 1 oz. to 18 lbs.
  3. 0 L with a weight range of 4 oz. to 55 lbs.

With an objective to promote food safety, our multi-head weigher minimizes operator subjectivity to reduce the likelihood of food contamination. For washdown and cleaning time, you can easily strip the machine down to the core in a matter of minutes. It also uses stainless steel for its frame construction, which greatly reduces the washdown by half.

No need to inconvenience operators when accessing the electronics with the use of advanced footprint of the electrical circuit panel. It reduces the wiring and components so that the PrimoWeigher is not a hassle to service and maintain. Moreover, its NEMA panel can be remotely mounted to be placed feet away from the combination scale. This way, the snack food weigher faces no danger risks and the electrical panel can be easily accessible for when technicians have to perform maintenance checks.

Not only is our PrimoCombi weigher a food-safe machine, but it also offers fast serviceability together with high-speed, accuracy, and reliability. Packed with more special features and benefits than our competitors, this snack food weigher is a dream for operators, technicians, managers, and executives.

Primo360 is another nickname for our PrimoCombi multi-head weigher because it features the 360 Operating Software that comes with impressive features like minute reporting, remote operation and default software such as Crystal Reports for added machine control and collaboration. Other features brought by the 360 Operating Software includes easy product setup, supports multiple languages, bundled software, and quickest service.

Besides snack foods, the PrimoCombi also caters to other industries such as produce, confections, meat, hardware, frozen foods, and dairy.