A radial scale is another term for combination scale, or most commonly known as multi-head weigh filler. CombiScale has been dedicated to developing packaging systems for use in multiple countries around the world. We have a plethora of brands such as XPdius, PrimoLinear, SleekWrapper, SpinDexer, and so much more.

But for our radial scales, we have the PrimoCombi, the brand that introduced to the packaging industry the very first multi-head weighing machine to have an open design.

Best known for its data reporting features, user-friendly attribute, and sanitation benefits, our radial scale is designed to provide easy servicing, less troubleshooting time, more uptime, and lower operating costs to satisfy and meet the needs of operators, technicians, managers, and executives all together.

With a four head configuration (10H, 14H, 16H, and 24H), this combination scale can weigh and fill a diverse range of products to bags, cases, and containers with speeds of up to 200 and more cycles within a minute. Available in three bucket volume capacities (0.5L, 2.5L, and 5.0L), the multi-head weigher is engineered to accommodate your production requirements.

Our main goal when creating the PrimoCombi is to develop a radial scale system that is food-safe and in doing so, we reduced the time’s operators have to be in direct contact with the machine. To make that happen, we have ensured that our combination scale is quick to service, accurate, reliable, and of course, fast by equipping it with leading-edge mechanics and software.

For its mechanical features, it has:

  • Construction: A mechanical design that eliminates possible nooks and crannies where bacteria usually grow and a stainless steel frame with open design for quicker cleaning.
  • Adjustable hopper: A tool-less hopper that adjusts and rotates for a simple product changeover and sanitation
  • Smarter electronics: A CAN bus electrical system that minimizes the use of wiring and other electrical components to make the radial scale simple to service and provide inexpensive maintenance.

As for its software features, the PrimoCombi is specifically designed with the 360 Operating Software the offers the following features:

  • Reporting: With Crystal Reports, you can do event logging, archive your production results, generate analysis and unit cost. Reports can also be customized in any format.
  • Online support: A real-time online support that is completely free, eliminating delays, downtime, and online support-related costs.
  • Windows-based PC controls A Windows system that can be easily configured to send data and integrate with third-party software. You can also set it up to automatically send triggers and alerts.

Regardless of the model, all our Radial Scales are produced with peripherals such as:

  1. A stainless steel enclosed digital camera
  2. A robust IP-67 touchscreen that survives even the toughest landscapes
  3. Hand crank for easy hopper height adjustments and quick and easy changeover
  4. Barcode scanner to allow easy and quick pull up of certain recipes
  5. Product stopper for delicate products as it reduces the impact during the product drop.

Weight Range

  • 1 gram to 200 grams which is subject to volume
  • Individual piece weight should not go over 1/3 of total net weight

If needed, the PrimoCombi Radial Scale will use 3 to 5 buckets to reach a combination.