packaging scale

PrimoCombi packaging scale

Packaging scales are one of the specializations of CombiScale. We have successfully manufactured two brands of packaging scale machines.

First is the popular PrimoCombi Multi-head Weigh Filler and second is the PrimoLinear Series.

PrimoCombi Multi-head Weigh Filler

If you’re looking for accuracy and speeds when it comes to multi-head weighing, then your best bet would none other than our PrimoCombi packaging scale. It is capable of accurately weighing and dispensing a wide variety of products into pouches, bags, and containers with the help of baggers and conveying machines. Constructed with 304 stainless steel, the combination scale is reliable, long lasting and is known to thrive even in the harshest environments. It comes with a digital camera to easily connect real-time, a heavy-duty touchscreen, a hand crank that adjusts the height of the hopper, a barcode scanner for easy access of recipes, and a product stopper to minimize the impact of delicate products when dropped.

PrimoLinear Series

  • C-10 Conveyorized Automatic Scale is perfect for non-free flowing, floppy, or delicate products that will not move or may be damaged when used with a vibratory scale. As such, conveyorized packaging scales like C-10 makes use of motor-operated belts in moving the product from the hopper to the weigh bucket. Its features include a 10 quart (10L) weigh bucket volume, separate bulk & dribble settings, enable to read in one gram increments, 304 stainless steel contact parts and more.


  • C-25 Conveyorized Automatic Scale is similar to C-10 that is specifically made for unmovable and delicate products. It also has motor-operated belts that can rotate from back to front. The C-25 packaging scale comes standard with tool-less removable buckets, adjustable hopper, and tool-less removable funnel. Other features are a 25 quart (25L) weigh bucket volume, flow controls on pneumatic door opening assembly, two-speed control on dribble pan, and more.


  • V-Mini Vibratory Automatic Scale comes equipped with multi-speed control, 304 stainless steel contact parts, adjustable electronic filtering, foot pedal activated or automatic dump cycle, and digital independent vibrator speed control. Its open frame design allows operators to have less time washing the V-mini. This packaging scale primarily uses vibration in moving free-flowing products with each vibratory pan attached to the vibrators.


  • V-25 Vibratory Automatic Scale has a bucket volume capacity of 25 L and uses vibratory pans to move products from one area to another. Designed to weigh and dispense different products into bags and containers, this packaging scale can be integrated with any auxiliary packaging equipment. Its features include off-center load-cell with overload protection, foot pedal activated or automatic dump cycle, two speed control on dribble pan, reads in one gram increments, and more.


V-5 Linear Net Weigher is ideal for businesses that want to start with one lane (1) and expand up to four (4) lanes on a later date. With a modular design, vibrators mounted on spring, quick access drawer, and a tilting hopper, the V-5 packaging scale is perfect for any linear net weighing solution you have in mind. Its other features include stainless steel construction, single pan configuration, 10.4-inch color touch screen HMI, and the Windows operating system.