Multhead Weigher

Multhead Weigher System

Our multihead weigher machine is called the PrimoCombi 360 multihead weigher that is designed to use for high-performance applications that require to have high production rates and tight accuracy tolerances. With its industry-leading mechanical features and software features, the PrimoCombi aims to challenge the norms and raise the bar.

It is the first open frame multihead weigher to be ever released in the world and is especially known for its user-friendliness, data reporting, and sanitation advantages.

This machine is run by 360 Operating software which has changed the way businesses look at the packaging. Users can now enjoy minute reporting, complete remote operation, and a pre-stored software like Crystal Reports for a wider scope of control and insight like never before.

The PrimoCombi Multihead Weigher is designed for operators, technicians, managers, and executives with the main goal of creating a food-safe machine that minimizes operator involvement coupled with quick service-ability, reliability, accuracy, and speeds. Its leading-edge mechanical features consist of three.

First off, the PrimoCombi’s is designed to appear clean and uncluttered. Its mechanical design did not give any room for bacteria to hide and thanks to its innovative stainless steel open frame construction, wash-down time is reduced significantly.

Second, it has a tool-less adjustable and rotating hopper that promotes better product flow and offers convenience during cleaning and product changeover.

Lastly, this multihead weigher is equipped with smarter electronics. The PrimoCombi is easy to service and less costly to maintain with its CAN bus electrical system. It is also equipped with NEMA 4x Electrical control panels that are remotely mounted but can also be installed away from the machine, thus, making it more easy to access and eradicating the chance of damaging the scale during cleaning time.

As for its leading edge software features, the PrimoCombi Multihead Weigher is operated by the 360 Operating Software in order to make combination weighing an easy task. Each feature of this scale was created and tested with the customer in mind. Its top software features include reporting, online support, and Windows-based PC controls.

In reporting, it is capable of event logging and archiving production results, generate analysis and unit cost. Users can also customize their reports using Crystal Reports in whatever format. Next, it offers a free online support that enables technicians to be available in real-time, hence, eradicating delay, downtime, and the costs the come with them.

Lastly, this scale can be configured easily when sending data, and interfacing with ERP/MRP. It is also highly flexible with third-party software. You can also set it up to receive reports automatically using triggers and alerts.

PrimoCombi’s other features include a stainless steel overhead digital camera for easier service, a IP-67 touchscreen made with stainless steel that can survive the harshest environments, a convenient hand crank of easy adjustment of the hopper’s height, a barcode scanner for faster access of specific recipes, and a product stopper that is engineered for delicate items with its ability to lessen the impact of the product when it is dropped.