Multi-Head Weigher

CombiScale Multi-Head Weigher

A multi-head weigher is known as an all-together reliable, accurate and fast weighing equipment that is most commonly used in packing not only food products but also non-food items. Here at WeighPack, we have successfully launched our very own multi-head weigher to the market, which has made quite a name already. Known to be the first open frame multihead weighing machine to be ever made it, our PrimoCombi is an automatic combination scale that carries leading edge mechanical and software features that have continued to dominate the industry with its data reporting, sanitation benefits, and user-friendliness.

Our main objective when we were building this weigher was to come up with a food-safe machine that requires less operator subjectivity and something that offers serviceability, reliability, accuracy, and speeds to whoever uses the PrimoCombi. True to our words, we have made exactly that. For its leading edge mechanical features, first is its mechanical design that promotes a clean and uncluttered machine, and thus, completely dismisses the likelihood of bacteria residing in the machine.

Second is its innovative stainless steel frame construction helps reduce the time during wash-down. The PrimoCombi is a multi-head weigher that offers tool-less adjustable and rotating hopper to help facilitate a better product flow. What’s more, it is equipped with smart electronics in the form NEMA 4x electrical control panel that can be easily remotely mounted or installed away from the scale making it highly accessible.

Designed for high-performance applications that need increased production rates and tight accuracy tolerances, this multi-head weigher is supported with the 360 Operating Software that has made wonders on the production applications of many businesses. Leading edge software features like highly customizable reporting, online support, and Windows-based PC controls give way for total control and collaboration to happen with our PrimoCombi. Using Crystal Reports, making reports, event logs, and archives of production results are all made possible when you have the PrimoCombi.

Furthermore, its free online support can be accessed in real-time and is operated by technicians, which eliminates delay, downtime, and the costs related to them. On top of that, the 360 Operating System can be easily integrated with third party software and it can read triggers and alerts which can be set up to automatically let you receive reports.

Real-time monitoring and servicing are also possible thanks to the PrimoCombi’s digital camera built with a durable stainless steel. For applications that require the multi-head weigher to operate under harsh environments, you can upgrade its control panel to a stainless steel for a more durable operation.

In addition, a hand crank is also provided so that operators can easily adjust the height of the loading hopper and have a quick and easy changeover. Another available peripheral is a barcode scanner that allows you to conveniently pull up specific recipes.

Lastly, the PrimoCombi comes with a product stopper that is specifically designed to handle delicate items since it reduces the impact of the product during the dropping section.