Ideal for automatically weighing and dispensing fruits, dried goods, candy, snack foods, vegetables, snack foods, fruits, and so much more, the PrimoCombi food weighing machine is designed for high-speed applications and is known as the first combination scale to have an open frame design. The PrimoCombi got the terms multi-head weighing machine and combination weighing machine from the fact that the process uses multiple buckets or a combination of weighing buckets to meet the desired weight.

Whereas other brands have their weighing machine’s electronics situated at the base of the equipment that requires technicians to remove all side panels when cleaning, the PrimoCombi food weighing machine is different. With its mechanical open frame design, the electronics are located away from the scale to eliminate the danger of water penetration side the controls of the machine.

This multi-head weigh filling machine is primarily used for applications that require high accuracy and production rates. Its weighing and dispensing capacity can go as little as 1 gram and still retains its precision to less than 1/10 of a gram. It is perfect for production requirements that do not tolerate more than one whole piece of the product as a giveaway. When it comes to its production rating, the PrimoCombi food weigh filler is ideal for applications that require beyond 30 packages per minute and can be used in projects that require up to 200 and above.

The PrimoCombi weigh filling machine comes equipped with standard features like single discharge chutes and single post hopper assembly that lets you control the product inflow within seconds. This hopper assembly can also be rotated so as not to get in the way during product changeover and sanitation.

For its key features, the PrimoCombi is constructed with a stainless steel frame that uses an open frame design to prevent bacteria formation and at the same time, reduce wash-down time. Then lastly, it contains more advanced electronics through the use of CAN bus electrical system to minimize the wiring of the machine. As a result, the combination scale will be easy to service and inexpensive to maintain. In addition, operators also have the option to mount the PrimoCombi’s electrical control panel remotely and have it installed away from the weigh filler to give way for easy access and to ensure that the machine will be out of danger when cleaning it.

Each PrimoCombi food weighing machine of ours also come with some peripheral devices. These options include a hand crank for hopper height adjustments, an IP-65 digital camera for real-time connection, stainless steel control panel, a barcode scanner for recipe access, and a product stopper for less product impact.

3 Models of PrimoCombi Multi-Head Weigh Filling machine

  1. 5 L for up to 200 grams
  2. 5 L for up to 10 pounds
  3. 5 L for up to 25 pounds