PrimoCombi Combination Scale

PrimoCombi Combination Scale

Manufactured by WeighPack Systems, the PrimoCombi is our only brand of combination scale which features a leading-edge mechanical design like no other. Primarily made to service operators, executives, technicians, and manager, our combination scale is made in such a way that it will be safer for food products. Our goal is to offer operators less time learning as it is easier to operate, reduce the time technicians during troubleshoots, for managers to be satisfied with the uptime, and lastly, to provide lower operating expense for the high-ups, which are the executives.

In addition, its mechanical design has made it possible to create less operator subjectivity coupled with fast serviceability not to mention precision, speed, and reliability. As a result, the PrimoCombi comes out looking like a cleaner, smoother, and more organized version of the machine but this time, with additional features and advantages that our competitors do not have. With an innovative design, there’s no place for bacteria in this ship-shape machine. What’s more, thanks to its open design stainless steel frame, you can reduce its cleaning time by 50%.

The thing about high-performance packaging machines is their too-many electronics that could get in the way with work and worse, complicate the matter on hand. However, with our PrimoCombi combination scale, it is equipped with high-end electronics that can dramatically lessen the footprint of the electrical system.  This means that its electrical components and wiring are lesser in number to make the combination scale more simple to serve and at the very least, budget-friendly to maintain.

Moreover, the PrimoWeigher has a remote-mounted and easy-to-disconnect NEMA 4x panel that you can easily set up as far as 20 feet away from the machine and put it within your eyes’ level. Without the risk of damage combined with high accessibility, this machine’s electrical structure is truly a paragon in the eyes of every maintenance technician.

Our PrimoCombi scale can perform as many as 200 or more cycles per minute depending on your machine’s head configuration. Available in three models as per bucket capacity, you can take your pick between a 0.5L, 2.5L or 5.0L. This combination scale can easily work with other packaging machines like the XPdius bagger (a machine that forms, fills, and seals vertical bags) to directly weigh and dispense products into pouches and have them sealed.

Engineered for precision and speed, the PrimoCombi is also capable of dispensing products that need gentle handling such as mushrooms into containers with the help of an indexing conveyor like the SpinDexer to create a complete packaging system. Its features include a digital camera encased with stainless steel, an open-frame design for sanitation advantages, pivoting hopper for faster adjustment, tool-less removable contact parts, Microsoft Windows Operating System, individual product slide chutes, color touchscreen panel and so much more.