As the cannabis industry continues to expand, manufacturers and cultivators in the said industry are also struggling to solve the decreasing profit margins and increasing operating costs whether they are a newly-established business or have been in service for several years already. Suffice it to say, the industry is filled with relentless expenses, tax responsibilities, license fees, labor costs, and more. This is where automation becomes a huge help.

Now, packaging giants have reconstructed their machinery and even engineered new ones in order to meet the needs of the cannabis and marijuana industry. One prime example of these is CombiScale which have created an automation system under the PrimoCombi brand to cater to the needs of cannabis businesses.

The PrimoCombi is cutting-edge cannabis weighing machine that is engineered to fractionalize the singular piece weight in order to come up with tight weight tolerances and accuracy that are needed when weighing marijuana and cannabis products. Perfect for high-performance applications, our cannabis weighing machine can be integrated with another machine to fill your cannabis items into containers, jars, or bags.

It uses the 360 Operating Software which has reformed the way cannabis companies manage their production. The software has a pre-stored program called Crystal Reports that features event logging and archiving of production results as well as report customization. This efficient combination scale also supports online support for technicians to turn to when troubleshooting becomes out of their hands. Moreover, the PrimoCombi is equipped with PC controls operated by Windows XP that is used to integrate the system with ERP/MRP. Triggers and alerts can also be automatically set up for automated reports.

With three different models available, the PrimoCombi weighing machine has a weight capacity of as low as 1 gram to as much as 25 pounds of cannabis. For product setups, you can store as many recipes you want. By simply flipping through the images, you can easily store and change product recipes. The weigh filler can also be set up for languages other than English without the risk of losing any of the default parameters. Apart from Crystal Reports, the PrimoCombi is also programmed with software like LogMeIn and VNC.

Some of its standard features include:

  • Measurable and customizable
  • Hassle-free language change
  • Remote updates for both the firmware and software
  • Capable of product mixing
  • Capable of scheduling production plans
  • Unlimited product recipes

In legal cannabis and marijuana industry, if you want to achieve success by investing into automation then there’s no better way than targeting the packaging sector of your business. By automating your packaging process, you will decrease the need for labor and at the same time increase your production levels and efficiency.