360 Operating System
Peripherals PC Specs

The 360 Operating Software was designed for one reason, to make combination weighing easy. Every feature was created with the customer in mind and then tested by real-life first time users to evaluate its effectiveness. Years of research, development and 1.4 billion bytes of code later, We have designed the most user-friendly and efficient combination scale in the world.

Standard Features

  • Production planning scheduler
  • Automatic self trending adjustments
  • Bi-directional stepper motor control
  • Enforceable maintenance routine and log
  • Load cell temperature compensation
  • Remote firmware and software updates
  • Individual weigh bucket processing control
  • Controlled Area Network architecture
  • Multi-dumping sequence for bulk weighing
  • Product mixing capabilities
  • Stored calibration values
  • Auto-recover without shutdown
  • Master or slave interface protocols
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Seamless language change
  • Unlimited product set-up recipes
  • Individual head drive boards
  • Triggers & alerts

Change the look

Bundled software

Windows ™, Skype™, VNC™, LogMeIn™, & Crystal Reports™, are included in the 360 Operating Software, and are easily updated with the latest software and firmware.


The 360 Operating Software makes communication easy through LAN or WIFI, is barcode scanner ready and plugs into peripheral equipment.


Triggers, alerts, and
reports are automatically
emailed to you. Get
stats, scorecards,
uptime, downtime,
anytime. Delays,
profits, or loss,
you'll know
about it