The PrimoCombi is designed for weighing and filling applications requiring high performance, reliability, accuracy and speed.PrimoCombi is a division of the Paxiom Group and a globally recognized supplier of combination scales with thousands of installations around the world.

The PrimoCombi is the amongst the most advanced multi-head weighers in the world. Its unique open frame mechanical design is engineered for clean-ability and serviceability

CombiScale specializes in food related applications, hardware and pharmaceuticals. As an organization, it is CombiScale's mission to provide its customers with the best quality machinery. This goal has allowed CombiScale to grow to one of the largest vendors of combination scales in North America and continually challenge other brands that cannot provide the same value.

As a commitment to its customers, We have recently introduced its PrimoCombi, the most advanced combination scale in the world. The 360 Operating Software brings user-friendliness and performance to an entirely new level and coupled with its unique mechanical design features, the PrimoCombi will become the standard in which others are measured.

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